Greetings, friends! My name is Rosie and I am working towards my goal of having of my very own small sustainable family farm. Considering I am a twenty-something renter with a full time job and substantial student loan debt, that small farm may seem like distant dream, but that’s okay. This blog is all about sharing the journey. Quiet Owl Farm embodies my dream to transition from townhouse to farmhouse, from backyard food production to country acreage.  Right now Quiet Owl Farm is made up of a backyard garden and a few meat rabbits. I know full well that I have a tough road ahead to fully-fledged farmling.  But challenge accepted.
I am here to share with you, dear readers, my mistakes and triumphs. Practical advice and maybe a few emotional ramblings. Hell, I know damn well that for every retired banker dabbling in hobby farming, there are a hundred young people like me wondering at their negative bank accounts and their unfullfilling jobs. I am here to share my effort at dealing with that very real world problem and at the same time, finding a solution that fits me. I want to spend my future days in the mud and sun, straw in my hair, the smell of horses on my clothes.
Quiet Owl Farm is only in its first incarnation and while it will surely change over time, I have every bit of confidence and hope that whatever form it may take in the future, it is here to stay. 
Thank you for joining me on this greatest of adventures.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Rosie, I think you’re my sister from another mister! I just bought a breeding trio of American Chinchillas in December, for the same reasons you did. I am working on a little garden and am thrilled anytime something pops up, like you were with the peas. My does recently both had their first litters, and one of them kindled mid-morning, much to my confusion. AND we are renting, but have dreams of a little farm with my sister and her family. We aren’t allowed to have chickens where we are, but for now I am content with my ACs (my buck is my little love bug too) and the few plants that the slugs and earwigs haven’t massacred. Thanks for encouraging me to be happy with our micro-rental-farm while we dream of something bigger.

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    1. Cassandra- thank you so much for the kind comment! I’m so happy that I could offer some encouragement. You are doing an awesome thing. Farm size, backyard or no, really is unimportant at this stage (and it’s probably going to be a long stage for me, but I’m ok with that). And American Chinchillas really are the best; I’m glad someone else is working with this fantastic breed. We just put a few in the freezer last night and I’m attempting round 2 of tanning a few skins! I hope you enjoy the new babes. The two-three week olds are the cutest.

      You’ve encouraged me to post some updates sometime soon as I’ve been busy and slacking on that front lately 🙂 although my own garden currently consists of only some herbs and a few tomato plants right! Hopefully they will be spared any sort of infestation this year.


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