The Stump Garden


Blackberries and English ivy had taken over a good portion of our backyard until M started spending some quality machete time out there. The newly cleared areas revealed, among other things, rotting stumps and an apiary full of spiders the size of which I did not know existed in these parts.

The stumps gave me an idea. Completely rotted through, I thought that removing a bit of the interior wood and replacing it with potting soil could transform them into functional planters with excellent drainage. I was already in search of a place to transplant my sage, chives, rosemary, thyme, and oregano which had been hastily potted last December before our move and were starting to look desperately droopy.

And so it happened.  The chickens, of course, felt it was necessary to help out. Time will tell if the stumps remain intact and the herbs are happy.


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