Black Friday

Yesterday was anything but black. The sun was shining, the air was cold and the birds looked like they had also enjoyed a delicious feast the night before–wings lazily outstretched, waddling slowly, soaking in the rays. I had to wear sunglasses. At the end of November. In western Oregon! Crazy. It was a beautiful day and I am happy we spent it exploring.



A little sunshine in the dark days

Getting to work at sunrise and leaving after dark  can be pretty dismal; it’s not surprising to hear people complain about it all the time.  Where did the 4:30 pm November sunset come from? Winter is sneaky. Memories of a long, hot summer are still fresh and the change is surreal. Our first frost crept in a about a week ago and it looks to be a chilly Thanksgiving with overnight temperatures dipping into the low 20s. Other than the whole sun disappearance thing, I have to say that I’m loving this change. Sweater weather, as I call it, has arrived at last. I always did love summer, but ours was so very dry and the heat was so incessant that the changing seasons have been a beautiful relief. And I sure love a good wooly sweater and have several that are overdue for some time out and about.

In these short days,  having bright colors in our home cheers me up immensely. Last week I finished my latest sunshine project–my second quilt (first adult-size).  It is just about as bright and sunny as you can get. It’s not perfect, but I think it will hold together and I am delighted to have its bright colors great meet morning and night. It doesn’t particularly help me leave hibernation-mode on cold mornings, but it does brighten my day and welcomes me back in at night for dreams of sunnier climes.


This last calendula flower has helped too.


I love that we could have one last cut flower at the end of November, though I think it’ll be the last for the year. And as it fades so do the last vestiges of summer. But the holiday season brings its own warmth. Now I look forward to other things that will brighten our days. Candles, warm fires, food, more food, family, and friends. It’s hard to stay too gloomy this time of year.

I hope this Thanksgiving week finds all of you happy, warm, full of delicious food, and in good company.