Snap Peas 4evah

Snap peas are just reaching munchable phase and there are enough greens to provide a daily dose for two. When the big farm happens I am going to plant snap peas all over the damn place. They are oh so delicious and snackable.

The bunnies have not yet grown out of their adorable phase, but they sure are rambunctious at 5 1/2 weeks old. The six largest kits have been weaned with the last two little runties staying with mom for one more night. It is incredible how fast they grow. I am so grateful that Socorro has been such an amazing first-time mom and that all eight little ones have pulled through. Even the runtiest of the lot is plump and jumpy


8 thoughts on “Snap Peas 4evah

  1. You lucky thing… Mine haven’t even broken through the soil in the north of the UK! I’ve never brought a pea home from the allotment yet (they all get eaten raw while I’m working)…. So this year I’ve planted some out in the garden too! 😜

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    1. Thanks! It’s so interesting to see where gardens are at in different parts of the country (and world). Who knew that Western Oregon and Tennessee are in similar garden stages right now. Good luck with yours!


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