Of a Beard and a Blue Jay

The hanging basket in the cherry tree has been receiving daily visits from a Western Scrub-Jay. The jay lands on the basket and yanks out great hanks of fiber, sending a shower of scraps to the ground. The jay then struts around, gathering the fallen scraps. It’s been fun to watch him* march around like he owns the place. I thought of the jay when M had to take some shears to his bushy beard recently.  Given the interests of our nest-building visitor, it seemed like an excellent idea to take the fuzzy beard clippings and donate them to the cause. So I scooped ’em up and put them in the basket. It would really make my day if I ever see part of that beard sticking out of a neighborhood nest one of these days. IMG_0937*It could be a male or female as they both take part in the nest-building, but that goofy strut walk has me thinking it’s a man bird.

3 thoughts on “Of a Beard and a Blue Jay

  1. Haha! It kept his face warm, and will now warm a bluejay’s bottom. Recycling at its best! I used to clip my dog in spring and leave the clippings in an empty feeder. They were really downy and the birds would actually fight over them, completely ignoring the food. I imagine that real ‘quality’ nest material could improve the chicks chances of survival quite a lot.


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