Baby peas, but no baby bunnies.

It’s official. Gunga, our American Chinchilla doe is not pregnant. As one might expect, her smugness is overwhelming. That sneaky rabbit. However, I am 90% sure that Socorro, our other American Chinchilla doe is about one day along. Considering the 31 day rabbit gestation period, one day of pregnancy counts for something. Everything I was unsure about during my first rabbit breeding experience with Gunga happened this time around with Socorro. Jimmy did his job, fell off and made a weird sound which apparently is what rabbits do (in case you were interested). Of course, he made lots of weird moves and noises with Gunga, but this time it was obvious that the deed was done. That was yesterday. Today he made his rounds one more time just to seal the deal and now I am pretty damn sure there’s a pregnant rabbit out there. Socorro was none too pleased, but she eventually forgave me enough to partake in a parsley treat.

And pea sproutlets are awakening! I check my sprouts multiple times a day and that makes for a lot of anticipation when you planted your peas too deep and they took an extra week and a half to sprout. But they’re out and about now and I couldn’t be more pleased.


9 thoughts on “Baby peas, but no baby bunnies.

    1. Well, Socorro is the name of a city in New Mexico that M and drove through a few years ago and for some reason the name stuck with us and we, as couples sometimes do, began referring to lots of different things as “Socorro” and eventually it got stuck onto a rabbit. Something similar happened with Gunga, although I’m not quite sure how that one began. And Jim Chee is a cop in a mystery series set in Navajo Nation that M has been really into lately and for some reason the name seemed appropriate for his virile and handsome rabbit namesake.

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