Direct Deposit.

Remember when I got really excited about bunny poop?! How you can stick it straight in the soil?! How it’s all raring to go and nitrogen rich?! The time has come to test it out!

Direct deposit.
Direct deposit.

Today I had the good fortune of  returning home with an hour of daylight to spare in the garden. That gave me just enough time to get a few peas in the ground and start a little plot of beets, rainbow chard and curly dwarf kale. Last year, the garden was mediocre at best due to lack of sun and good soil. I can’t do a whole lot about the sun, but I am making a much greater effort to ensure good soil quality. The bunny poo and compost pile will be a great contributors. I turned the compost today and pulled out a shovelful swarming with more worms than I’ve ever seen in one spot! I bet that’s a good sign. The sunny warm weather continues. I’m not sure what it will mean for the rest of the year, but it sure is gorgeous out right now. Everything is a bloomin’ and Jimmy is frolicking like a mad man so it’s hard not to smile.


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