Finding Inspiration at FullCircle Farm

The best thing about those lovely internet Fairy Godmother types I mentioned yesterday is the fact that behind each is a very real person. In a great turn of luck, I had the privilege of visiting two such people whom I connected with through this blog. How amazing is that? I originally found FullCircle Farm through a great post about “The True Cost of Real Food“. After following the farm blog, Cathy in kind, found me and discovered that we are practically neighbors (country neighbors, that is, give or take a twenty-mile radius). Cathy kindly invited me over to check out the operation and M and I paid FullCircle Farm a visit on Saturday (what better Valentine’s date could there be?).

It turned into a lovely visit and a great learning experience for the both of us. Cathy and Bob are two of those rare souls that manage to be genuinely friendly, happy, warm and welcoming on first acquaintance. They showed us their happy chickens and beautiful garden with bees buzzily going about their business, pollen baskets full to the brim with yellow, pink and red goodness. I’m not sure where they’re finding such variety in mid-February, but I am sold on beekeeping. After watching those fascinating little creatures, we saw the rest of the infrastructure and got a little one-on-one time with the sweet Dexter cows.

The whole farm is a beautiful and practical family operation, but perhaps the most inspiring thing about the farmstead is that Cathy and Bob have built every single thing there from the log farmhouse to the garden fence. And they accomplished it all with their own two hands working over the last few decades, teaching themselves the needed skills as they were required. It was so good for me to hear this story from people who had not just created a beautiful home and successful farm, but were able to do so without the boatloads of money I suspect the early-retiree ad exec/lawyers use for their idyllic hobby farms. And not only had Cathy and Bob achieved this dream, but they are clearly happy people who love the lifestyle they have chosen. These are the people who I want to be when I grow up (if that ever really happens) and to hear from them that my dreams can be achieved is the best. And I believe them. It is possible. And I should go for it. So thank you, FullCircle Farm, for your inspiration and guidance. I will go for it, goshdarnit!

I should mention that I failed to take any pictures of this adventure, but luckily you can see lots of beautiful images of the farm here.


3 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration at FullCircle Farm

  1. Thanks for the link to the photos from FullCircle Farm. This is obviously a place of health, beauty and love. Rosie, you are a woman with dreams and better yet, a vision. Taking risks is indeed the only way to make the vision a reality. As with all risk taking, fear comes with the territory. It’s when the rewards come as the dream becomes real that we say, I can’t believe I didn’t try this earlier. There is no doubt in my mind that your followers will be looking at the beautiful photos of the now future Quiet Owl Farm in not too many years. By the way Jimmy is a wondrous specimen. May the gorgeous threesome be fruitful and multiply.

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  2. Thank You Rosie for this lovely post about our farm! It was our pleasure to host your visit and introduce you both to the inhabitants of our farmstead. It is an honor to inspire and mentor young people who have the same desire and drive that we had, and still have, to create an oasis of their own in this sometimes insane world. Best of Luck to you both. Enjoy your Journey…

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