Coming Back Down to Earth

I found a lovely blog today called Roe’s Cottage that follows a small family’s cottage/chicken/diy/gardening adventure (therefore my idols, basically). I left a comment with appreciative words and received such a nice reply that included the following: “The aim now is to get it right on a small-scale; if we ever get a chance to do more it will give us a good grounding, but if not, we are still succeeding”. That really made me pause and think. What a great reminder for me! Since childhood it has been my tendency to wrap myself in big dreams and fantasies of the future. This habit has been a part of my mental being for so long that the present is sometimes lost to me. In considering our surely successful and bounteous future farm and homestead, I sometimes forget to put energy and thought into current projects and enterprises. While researching pasture rotation and browsing Zillow farms for sale can’t hurt too much, it’s not great when that time cuts into the daylight hours that I should be spending with the bunnies or enriching soil in the back garden.

So thanks, Roe’s Cottage, for giving me a nudge off my sky-high mental ramblings and back down to earth. You reminded me that getting it right on a small-scale is a real priority right now.

Not to worry of course, my Shire dreams are still very much alive and well too.


5 thoughts on “Coming Back Down to Earth

  1. What a great reminder. It is easy to get caught up in dreams and waste time that can otherwise be spent on useful projects. Maybe I would have had a fall and winter garden. Thanks for sharing this. I am heading to their site now.

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  2. Oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise! I’m so glad my comment helped you (and that you like the blog so much!); I am exactly the same. On my daily walks I am constantly dreaming about ‘the next step’ (and I enjoy this!) but I’m trying to curb it a little. Focusing on the now (or days ahead, rather than years) is what actually produces results, and ultimately, that is what really satisfies. It means you can go to bed relishing what you have done, rather than pining for what is yet to be 😚

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  3. Rosie, Living off the land, working with your hands, with animals and plants that (don’t so much need but) thrive with our basic care and attention is not for everyone, but if it is for you, it is a desire that is hard to resist. I have every faith in saying that if it is calling you, it will be so.

    But it is meant to develop over time.

    Johnny and I, constantly wanting to be ahead, beyond where we were to something grander, the ‘finished’ product, have come to some realizations that have been very cathartic for us…
    This is what our eagerness/impatience has taught us– the process of growing and building is how we learn. The foundation is most important, it’s what holds it all up. If we had unlimited financial resources we would have foolishly built our dream in months rather than years. What would we do next? Hire someone to tend it because we hadn’t acquired the skills to maintain it? How would we direct them? Living is in the process, it doesn’t start when this or that has met our desired outcome. Each day gifted us has something to admire, appreciate and be grateful for.

    Johnny and I have been so focused on growing a business, we have failed at supplying food that would sustain our family for an entire year, year after year we have done this, for five years now. This year we our focused has turned, recent events occurring to enlighten us.

    What a blessing that you have this epiphany now. I am so, so happy you followed me yesterday and I discovered you. Just yesterday, I too discovered Roe’s Cottages blog, via another’s blog, and followed her. How interesting is that–our paths crossed in more than one place, no coincidences here.

    Sorry to be so long winded. I am beyond thrilled to make your acquaintance and begin this conversation with you. Melissa Xx

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    1. Melissa- no winds are too long here! I so much appreciate hearing your thoughts and a look forward to seeing how your journey progresses.

      I really am trying to make more of an effort to think about the now. I think those of us who need to grow our goals little by little will only become happier and more resourceful people because of it. And it’s true, if I magically acquired a huge amount of money and *poofed* my dreams true instantly, what would I have gained? Certainly not the knowledge and skills that I hope to learn on the slow but steady route.

      Anyhow, it was so nice to hear from you and I can’t wait to see where this life leads for all of us who’ve fallen in love with the land (and the people and animal friends that come with it).



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