The Rabbit Family Grows

Over the weekend I took a little drive. I followed my poorly jotted craigslist directions that led me past meandering rivers, rolling farmland and gigantic roadside waterfalls made huge and gushing from heavy rains. I found my way to a lovely family farm with only a little trial and error. A woman and her daughter met me at the door of the farmhouse with my purchase all set to go. The woman, you should know, is a rabbit breeder.  So, as you might guess, I was there to pick up our new buck (finally!). More specifically, I was there to pick up our new registered, pedigreed and supremely noble senior American Chinchilla buck, Jim Chee. Jimmy is a brawny lad at 10 lb 6 oz and a proven father of three healthy litters.  In this craigslist success story I also lucked out that the woman from whom I purchased Jim Chee was a consummate rabbit pro answering all of my questions from feed, to breeding, to nail clipping. I left confident that I had purchased quality stock and had also gained an excellent contact who wouldn’t mind getting random rabbit question emails now and then.

Jimmy is the missing link in the rabbit family that until Saturday consisted of two ornery sisters who sure produce a lot of excellent manure, but no babies.  I do hope that this will soon change.  Thanks to Jim Chee, my long-standing procrastination in regards to the acquiring of a capable male rabbit (due to any variety of work, work, and more work related issues) is at last at an end. Although I once again write this from a hotel room and the work and more work-related dilemmas continue, I am glad to know that Jimmy is happy, settled and in capable hands until I return home on Thursday.

I also have the feeling that the majestic Jim Chee might just be a photogenic guy so pictures will be on their way shortly.


5 thoughts on “The Rabbit Family Grows

  1. And produce they will. I acquired 3 female and 1 male New Zealand rabbits in November. First litter arrived on Christmas Day. Those 11 kits are growing independently so I rented the females this week. I am developing outlets for pet rabbits as well as meat.

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    1. Good for you! And good luck. I can’t wait to see the babies ours produce. Although the first breeding experience was certainly something, so it’ll be interesting to see if it took or not. I’m going to try palpating her abdomen in a few days–but the method sounds like it takes a good deal of practice. It’s all a learning experience to be sure.


      1. I tried palpating at 2 weeks and felt nothing. Still ended up with 8 and 3. The third doe had a stillborn. I only red two does the first day this time and bred the third doe an rebred the second doe the next day. Doe 3 has a history of being a poor mother. Will split her kits between the other two if she does not prepare for delivery. She pulled no fur the 1st time.


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