Cold Season

I should start with the fact that it’s been gorgeous and unseasonably warm lately. A Western Oregon January should be full of rain and damp moss and cold toes, not 55+ degree days full of sunshine and short sleeves. While I have been spending a lot of time outside and am grateful for this beautiful weather, it gives me mixed feelings. I can’t help but think that a potential drought looms if the rain doesn’t return soon. So I raise my hot toddy to the rain gods, and say, it’s okay! Come back to us, we’re Oregonians, darnit, give us our cool, moldy, wet winter!

However, by “Cold Season”, I unfortunately did not mean the weather. I usually take pride in the fact that I am very rarely sick, but of course that caught up with me. I’ve got a helluvah cold that’s left me feeling achy, sore-throated, and tired as all get out. Nevertheless, in my cold-induced haze, I have found two remedies which have greatly helped my swollen throat:

1): Hot Toddy- a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a dollop of whiskey, a healthy spoonful of honey and boiling water (I would also like to try this with ginger and cinnamon)

2): Tea Plus- herbal tea of choice, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a couple spoonfuls of raw apple cider vinegar (to taste), and honey

Although I wouldn’t recommend drinking hot toddies all day, I have found them soothing and relaxing pre-nap and pre-bed. Tea Plus on the other hand is an all day affair; I think I’ve had at least six today. And if you’re a honey fanatic like me and just tend to eat spoonfuls of the beautiful golden stuff here and there on normal days, now there’s an actual excuse! “Sore throat”. But seriously.

What are your favorite natural cold remedies for sore throats, runny noses, and other aches and pains?


6 thoughts on “Cold Season

  1. I don’t know if I will wait until I have a cold to try your remedies. They sound delicious and healing all at once. I have found that pouring very hot, near boiling water in a bowl with a few drops of lavender essential oil, and placing a towel over my head and bowl, and just breathing in the steam gives a temporary relief to the stuffiness. A nice side effect is that if feels nice on my skin as well. Here’s to getting and staying healthy…Cheers!

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    1. Well, I guess it is Saturday… !

      Apple cider vinegar has high level of acidity which decreases the pH of the tissues in your throat and helps kill the bacteria that causes sore throat. It also as all sorts of other cool phlegm-killing white blood cell-boosting properties. But I believe that in order to get all of the awesome benefits, the vinegar has to be used in its “raw” with “the mother culture” form (which is available in most grocery stores).


  2. Hot toddies all the way here in Ireland (why do I think they were first concocted here?!) Cloves are added into the lemon. They are even served to children here, just a splash of whiskey, but they certainly encourage a long restful lie down. I am not fond of honey or whiskey so it is ACV and ginger and lemon tea for me.

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