Needed: Man Bunny (and adventures in rabbit housing)

Copyright ©The Odd Emporium
Copyright ©The Odd Emporium

On Saturday M and I spent the greater part of the afternoon reupholstering, if you will, the bottom of Gunga and Socorro’s hutch. The girls’ former owner  used wide wire mesh to enable the hutch’s use as a “rabbit tractor”. A rabbit tractor is a contraption that can be placed directly on fresh grass, so the rabbits can freely graze, but with enough wire that they cannot tunnel out. Unfortunately, the wire used for our hutch was far too wide to raise above the ground as it was the perfect size for bunny limbs to fall through. I am certainly a fan of the rabbit tractor idea and would like to use one seasonally, but a Western Oregon November brings LOTS of rain and wet saturated ground…conditions not ideal for keeping healthy rabbits. So with a little sweat and ingenuity M and I replaced the hutch bottom with the recommended 1″ x 1/2″ welded wire mesh. And it is cool stuff! Now that the hutch is raised off the ground with mesh flooring, all the droppings fall right out where they are easily gathered and chucked into the compost pile. It’s the most sanitary way to go and the rabbits seem happy indeed. It must be great to be able to hop around freely and not sit in your own excrement (CFOs, take note).  The draw back is that the loose hay and veg also slide easily through the mesh when so inclined so a better hay-holding device is in the works. 

Over the weekend I also assembled a 30″ x 36″ wire mesh cage and have another not-yet-assembled model waiting in the garage. I am really hoping to incorporate at least one of those cages into a hutch/shelter this weekend. Because we need a boy! Those girls are eating lots of food and are no nearer to producing babies. Cute as they are, they need to start paying rent soon(hear that, ladies?).

And a side note: I plan on going into more detail about our rabbit housing choices and setup in the future. I would love to hear what has worked out for other folks (and what has not). 


7 thoughts on “Needed: Man Bunny (and adventures in rabbit housing)

  1. I have the opposite problem two boys and no girls. I was hoping to add one doe but the lady I wanted to get one from got sick and was not able to make it to a rabbit show that I was hoping to met her at so still no girl for me this spring… but we can show the boys again this next year so It should still be fine


      1. we only compete in the local 4-h shows and for fun pet shows right now. Christopher is only 6 and we want to keep it fun but maybe as he gets older I would love to get more involved with the bigger clubs and shows. I think any one who likes farm animals can learn alot from 4-h shows. We love them and have been part of it for years. Christopher won a bunch of stuff this year and everyone is so supportive and willing to teach each other that I can not say enough good things about the joining. it is something to think about … we love it and have been 4-h parents for over 18 years


      2. I love 4-H! I spent years participating with a wide variety of leased horses and had such great experiences. It was really an important part of my childhood. Hopefully I can continue the line and be a 4-H parent too (someday).

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