The Fuzz Luv Factor

The last animal that I truly had in my life was Barley. From the age of four to the age of eighteen, Barley was always there, a big fluffy dumb-as-a-door-nail sweet ball of golden retriever love. He died a week after I left home to go to school overseas. He was old and tired and it was his time. Finding out that he was gone was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I just don’t know how dogs can do that to us. Even today, Barley’s memory is just as fresh in my mind as ever.

Rosie & Barley
Rosie & Barley

People talk about how great it is to have a dog in your life. They say that dogs are always happy to see you. That they are there to comfort you when you are sad or depressed. And it’s true. I loved Barley not only for his ability to make me happy, but for the companionship and laughter. And I’d like to think I gave something in return. He really wasn’t the smartest, but he sure was a character. It wasn’t until I didn’t have that fluffy love in my life anymore that I truly realized how much it meant to me–and how much I missed it when it had gone.  Barley’s passing left a hole that can never be truly replaced, but eight years later, I think the healing process has finally begun.

Rabbits are no dogs to be sure when it comes to companionship, but the simple act of going outside every morning to check on the rabbits, clean their cage, and feed and water them has brightened my days immensely. Having two goofy fuzzy critters that are happy to see me makes me happy. I know they only love me for my food, but that’s enough. Dogs will certainly come later, but for now it is amazing how fulfilling even two bunnies can be. So thanks, you gigantic fuzz luvs, it means a lot.

Fuzzy Luv
Fuzzy Luv

2 thoughts on “The Fuzz Luv Factor

  1. Hello thanks for the fallow at Mountain Mama and I have to say you have struck a cord with me…. I Love rabbits too. For almost the same reason. We moved from a large family farm into a more residential location and give up all of the animals, with the exception of my two bunnies also.. One is very friendly and one more shy but they both have saved me from some kind of loss when we moved. We hope to add a dog in the spring but that may be all the animals from now on and I am OK with that as long as I can keep my long eared buddies around.. again is nice to meet you and hope we can share more posts in the future. Jolynn aka mountain Mama

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    1. Thank you for that thoughtful comment, Mountain Mama. It’s so nice to hear from folks who are on a similar wavelength. I’ve been surprised at how much personality the bunnies really do have; one is very friendly and gregarious and the other is a little more standoffish, but they’re both sweet. I enjoyed reading your posts too, and I look forward to seeing more in the future! -Rosie


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