Bunny Poops

I have to tell you, I am seriously excited about bunny poops. And these monsters produce an astonishing amount of poop. Probably because they are eating an astonishing amount of food. I’m fairly sure that one of the reasons our garden was on the mediocre side last year–aside from inadequate sunlight–was inadequate fertilizer. But next season will be the harvest of the bunny poops and organic compost. A sure combination for success! What’s so cool about bunny poops you may ask? Well, for those of you concerned with such things, it is the most inoffensive poop out there. It consists of small hard round pellets that neither smell nor cause much of a mess at all. And even better, they require no additional processing or wait time before they can be used as fertilizer. You can literally pick up the poop and insert it directly into the garden soil. The nitrogen content is out of control too. Your garden needs nitrogen. Rabbit manure has a 2.4% nitrogen content, while the next closest is chicken manure at 1.1%. So yep. Bunny poop. Not gross, but completely exciting for this aspiring gardener/farmer. It’s the little things.

Little Girl with a Rabbit, Hermann Kaulbach (1846-1909)

5 thoughts on “Bunny Poops

    1. Here’s to the year of sun and poop! I believe that guinea pig poop can be used in the same way as rabbit poop. I’m no expert, but from a quick investigation it sounds like all the household rodents have similar diets and produce similar poop that can all be used interchangeably. Horse manure is a great idea. I’d like to compost some too and since I frequent a ranch for once-a-week lessons, I am probably sitting on a great resource I should be using…Good luck with your garden! And thanks for getting me thinking about horse poo…

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