The Beginning

Quiet Owl Farm is an idea. It will evolve and change with time just as I will. It is everything I have and everything I want. It is an every changing jumble of my passions, dreams and fears. Quiet Owl is not a “real” farm. Yet. But it will be. As I work towards my ultimate goal of having a small family farm I want to pursue a realistically healthy and sustainable lifestyle along the way through what now comes from the rented backyard and what I later hope can be harvested from the back 40.

The reasons that this dream must grow slowly and organically are many. I am a woman with $45,000 in student loan debt and a full time job that requires travel. But those excuses prevented me from acting on my dream for too long. They have run their course. From here on out there will be no excuses, just action.

Animals, food and the great outdoors sustain me mentally and physically.  When any one is absent in my life, I feel less than.  Someday I hope they will  not only be in my life every day, but be my whole life. And so I come to you now as winter sets in with two new rabbits and a partially successful garden fading back to earth. This is the beginning of Quiet Owl Farm. From these humble origins, by imagination takes hold. And as a complete optimistic and hope-ful romantic I see the following vision for myself in the not-too-distant future. I see my land with fields and woods. I see a quaint farmhouse, an organic garden and a red barn. I see a root cellar. I see land full of growing vegetables and happy animals. Sheep, chickens, pigs, rabbits, horses, dogs, goats, and at least one barn cat. I even see some mud and poop, broken fences, midnight lambings, and pre-dawn risings.

This blog will be my motivation and maybe even yours.  It will  serve to ground me and help me approach my dreams at a speed that I can handle. And I hope too that  it will be a forum for honest discussion about farming, food and country life.

And so Quiet Owl Farm begins here. It begins with me, an in-debt introvert willing to share my hopes and dreams and plans with you, dear readers. And so please, if you’d like to stick around a hear more, let me tell you about Quiet Owl Farm.


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